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About Gladsome Gardens

We chose the name Gladsome Gardens because both Mom and I took such pleasure in them. It was usually Mom who greeted visitors and gave tours (I was always digging or weeding!). People were always impressed at her knowledge of every flower on the place. Of course, they didn't know that her information wasn't always 100% accurate. But she was enthusiastic and infused people with her joy!!

Gladsome Gardens is a sprawling, country garden in the Boston Hills of Western New York. A New York State licensed nursery, we offer 600-700 daylily cultivars for sale. We hybridize for northern hardiness and performance, and evaluate about 3,000 seedlings every year. All forms of daylilies are represented. Favorites are spiders and UF cascades, and large flowers with patterned throats and multicolored edges. We have a large collection of late season daylilies to extend the season, and our own hybridizing program has produced many noteworthy late bloomers.

The glaciers took all the topsoil off the hills in our area, leaving clay and shale very close to the surface- about four inches down. The soil dries out fast and we don’t water except for new plants and baby seedlings.  It wasn't until we went to raised beds, filled with manure-based compost, that we saw grand results. I want lush growth and good garden performance, with the two basics I am willing to provide- good soil, through compost or manure, and mulch applied once in the spring to keep down weeds, cool the soil, and help hold in moisture. My first priority is hardiness. I won’t tolerate even a lovely face without hardiness. I take to heart the phrase “bloom where you’re planted,” and I expect my daylilies to perform in our northern climate without special care. I like flowers with enough substance to hold up all day, through sun, wind, and showers. Daylilies whose foliage starts to go summer-dormant are eliminated.

Branching is very important, as the bloom has to be well presented to show off to good effect.  High bud count is wonderful, but sometimes a vigorous plant can send up so many scapes that even though the actual bud count is low, the overall display in the garden is glorious.  I do not tolerate plants that are ungrateful—that make me feel like a poor gardener. I am willing to wait and work and hybridize for the plants that thrive in my conditions, but anything else has to go. My theory is, if 95 out of 100 daylilies perform well for me, why would I tolerate those 5 that don’t? And if those 5 have a beautiful, unique flower, why not take it as a challenge to breed the same face on a hardy plant?

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